Bespoke training to achieve your ambitions…

When I say bespoke, that’s really what I mean. My usual approach is not to come with ready prepared programmes (although that’s possible), but first work with you to truly understand your organisation and development gap you are trying to bridge, and build something that works within the context and culture of your organisation, attuned to your vision and ambitions.

I also believe that learning should be grounded in reality, so will work with you to explore real life and real time challenges that can form the basis of any learning intervention. This not only helps to engage the learner with the content, but provides them with tangible outputs that can make a real difference once they walk out the door and back to their day to day lives.

Finally I will work with you to put processes in place for reviewing learning back in the workplace, ensuring it ties into ongoing performance review and development planning processes. I want whatever I deliver to have real impact, not just be a flash in the pan.

Of course, all of this can be linked to on-going reinforcement activity or coaching support from myself, or one of my associate partners, if appropriate.